Tuesday, November 18, 2014

bits of october

Besides birthdays, and baby blessings, and Halloween, we filled October with lots of the following:
These two cuties playing together.  I love watching the way Krew adores his baby sister!
Bart and I went to a Packers game!  We had the best seats.  We were kinda outside (so we could hear the crowd noise) and kinda inside (so we were out of the rain) and we had all the free food we could eat.  It was great to get out just the two of us after the crazy September we had.

I let Krew play at the play area at the mall one day, and clearly he loved it!

The little kids and I joined the twins for "Take Your Parents to Lunch Day" at school.  It was so fun to see them in that environment, and interacting with their school friends.  Krew liked being one of the big kids, with his own lunchbox and everything.

We even got to stay and play kickball for recess.  I was so impressed with how all the kids let Krew play with them.  Both teams cheered for him and pretended to try to get him out, but letting him score anyway.  It was cute to watch.

We took lots of pictures of this adorable baby, because she's adorable and growing up too fast!

See?  I told you she was adorable!!

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