Tuesday, November 11, 2014


On October 28th, my favorite little guy turned 3!  

Krew is one of the happiest little kids I know!  Everyone who knows Krew, loves Krew.  He's so much fun to be around and he makes everyone laugh with his big personality, his infectious laugh, and his cute little voice that sounds too little to be using such complex words and sentences!  

Bart and I often say, when Krew is being good, he is so good, and so fun, and so happy.  Of course, he can still throw a tantrum with the best of them, but most of the time he is happy, and he makes those around him happy too.
 He's not shy, and loves to be around people. He still introduces himself to new people as "Krewberrylicious and Krew Adam Miller."   At the gym that we go to, all the staff adore him.  They all talked about how much they missed him the few months I stopped going to the gym to have a baby.  Even the receptionists make it a point to come and talk to him when we come in.  Every time we are there, he gets spoiled with free snacks and treats, and he loves all the attention.  
He's a really polite little boy too!  He says thank you, dozens of times each day (actually, it sounds more like "sank you!").

 Krew loves tractors and trains right now.  He gets so excited when we are in the car and we see a bulldozer, or backhoe, or something similar, and gets frustrated if we don't acknowledge that we saw it too.  Speaking of being in the car: I been paying close attention lately, and I've noticed that when we are in the car, Krew is talking to me 97% of the time.  He loves to talk!  He loves to play with his older brothers and their friends, and just thinks of himself as one of the big boys.  He is also the most amazing big brother to Everly.  He loves to see her, and hold her, sing to her, and help me burp her.
He is so smart!  He know all his colors (although he only likes to color with blue crayons or a pen), he can say his ABCs (usually), and he recently started counting really well.  He's been able to say the numbers in order for quite a while, but now he's good at actually counting objects; and he loves to stop what he's doing to count things.
When I posted the above picture on Instagram, I wrote that Krew lives all his emotions out loud, and we love him for it. I really think that is a good way to describe his personality.  He is not at all afraid to let everyone know how he is feeling, and every emotion, from joy to anger, from disappointment to silliness, he expresses in a very loud, very big way!  And that's one reason we all love our Krewbeedo! 
He's got some great dance skills, some of which he is demonstrating in these pictures (even though what I asked him to do was simply smile and look at the camera),  His signature moves include pointing, jumping up and down, and my new favorite--the "first down signal dance."
I am so lucky to be this little guy's mama!  He seriously makes me happy every. single. day.  Happy Birthday Krewberrylicious!

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