Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas 2014!

For those of you who we missed sending a Christmas card to this year (sorry), it looked a lot like this:

2014 Highlights:

 * The best thing that happened this year was Everly Kate joining our family on September 8th.  We can't believe we were blessed with another healthy baby, who is a GIRL, who sleeps though the night already (!!!), smiles all day, and is gorgeous!  We are all smitten with her.
* Bart took Ashli to San Francisco to celebrate their eleventh wedding anniversary, was asked to serve on a clinical redesign committee, and is so busy at work, he's considering closing part of his practice to new patients.  (It's because he's the best P.A. in town!!)
*Ashli hiked to Timp Cave while 7 months pregnant during our family trip to Utah this summer.  She spent all her free time this year decorating the nursery pink, and making hair pretties in anticipation of Everly's arrival!
*The twins played flag football this year, and their team finished the season undefeated.  They also played baseball this summer, which meant that the whole family spent a lot of time at the ball field. 
*Kade's favorite highlight of the year was our trip to Utah in June.  While he was there, he loved playing "Skittles," a wooden top game his grandparents made, that Ashli remembers playing when she was young.
*Ky spends his free time creating stories and comics on the computer, creating PowerPoint presentations, and playing with Photoshop.  He wanted to say his favorite thing he did this year was play video games, but Ashli said that couldn't be what makes the Christmas card.
*Although Krew just turned 3, he seems to think he is 8 like his older brothers.  He has spent the past three months doting on his baby sister, making lots of noise, and pretending he is the Incredible Hulk.

Merry Christmas!

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