Monday, May 18, 2015

happy 8 months, baby girl!

This tiny cutie is 8 months old already!  
She still just has those two cute bottom teeth.  I keep waiting for more to pop through, any time she has a bad night, I want to blame it on teething, but so far nothing is new in that department.  

Most nights she sleeps through the night no problem.  She has however, started to want me to rock her completely to sleep for about 30 minutes every night, and for every nap.  If she's not totally asleep before I put her in bed, she wakes up, kicks her feet and gives me a huge smile. (Seriously, don't most babies cry when you put them in bed if they don't want to sleep?  She smiles, of course.)

 Look at those eyes!  How did I get so lucky to be her mom?

 I'm surprised that all of the pictures aren't blurry like this one, because this little lady is so busy, she doesn't like to sit still for pictures.  This photo shoot was a real workout for me.
 Does anyone know how I can get this baby into modeling, because seriously...I think we could be rich!

 She has become very interested in crawling around and exploring her surroundings.  She loves to play with toys, and anything else she finds on the floor.  There are some mornings that she crawls around playing from the time she finishes eating, right until she's too tired to play any more, and goes right to sleep.  It's so much fun to watch her.
 You may not have guessed it from this sweet face, but she has developed quite the piercing scream recently.  She doesn't just use it when she is angry.  She screams when she is happy, when she is mad, when she wants attention, and when she just wants to hear herself.  It's cute until it's not, you know what I mean?
 There are pretty much only two things that really make this little girl angry: when I put her pajamas on (if you were here in the evening, I swear you would think about calling Child Protective Services with the way she screams when I put her pajamas on her.  It's the screaming until she can't breath anymore kind of scream.  I guess she really just hates pajamas.), and if anyone eats in front of her. Do not, under any circumstances, eat anything while near her, unless you are prepared to offer her something to eat.  Otherwise it will get ugly!

 She still thinks Krew is the coolest friend ever!  (And she's right.  Krew is the bombdiggity!)
 At the same time, Krew takes such good care of her.  He watches her closely to make sure she doesn't put anything in her mouth she's not supposed to have, and helps her find toys to play with.

 I may have to hire Krew as my personal photography assistant.  He was holding her foot so she couldn't climb off the bed as I took these pictures.  It worked great!  I wonder if I could afford him.

 She really is the sweetest, happiest little thing.  I cannot get enough of her!

 Promptly after I set her down on the floor, she pulled herself to standing for only the second time. (The first time was the day before.)  I'm not sure I'm ready for this new stage, but it sure is cute!
Oh, and in case you were wondering why there is a ladder in our bedroom, let's just say that vaulted ceilings and beeping smoke alarms are a bad combination.  And why is it that smoke alarms only need their batteries to be replaced in the middle of the night?

Happy 8 month birthday, Everly Boots!

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