Monday, May 18, 2015

our april

I'm starting to see a pattern to my blogging:  I post adorable pictures of Everly to mark the passing of each month, and then I throw together a post of random pictures from that month so we have some documentation of the things we do.  So, here is April's random post:
We went to the boys school dance.  Krew rocked at the limbo!
You can see by the next several pictures that it finally got warm enough to spend some time outside, and so we did.  Over and over again.  We had had enough of being stuck inside!
I'm never going to get tired of taking pictures of my daughter and me together.  Hopefully we get lots of pictures together over the years!

Look who is big enough to sit in the grocery cart!  And what's better than sitting up in the cart?  Sitting up in the cart with Krew, at Costco!
Krew is going to love the collection of pictures I have of him at this age making crazy faces.
Ky and Kade started a Comic Book writing club at school, and these are the posters they made to advertise.  I love their creativity and leadership qualities!

This little boy loves animals like no one I've ever met.
And last, somebody discovered the Tupperware cupboard.  I feel like finding and pulling out all the Tupperware is a right of passage for babies, don't you?

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