Wednesday, June 17, 2015

our may days

I swear, May went by faster than any other month in the history of ever!  Here are some of the things we filled it with:

 Baseball.  Lots and lots of baseball.  We have had some exciting games this season!  

 One of my favorite things to do lately is take a blanket out in our front yard and lay on it with Everly while the boys play in the yard or ride their bikes.  She's not super in love with the feeling of the tickley grass, so she pretty much stays put. (Something that definitely doesn't happen inside!)

 And ruffle bloomers, because, how cute are they?!
 We went to Muffins with Mom at the twins' school just before Mother's Day.  It's always fun for me to watch the boys in "their" environment.
 We went to the Memorial Day parade and I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of dressing up my little girl in red, white, and blue, and taking her to watch a parade.  It was delicious!
 Krew took a while to warm up, but soon he became very good at running to get the candy that was thrown.

 We have spent far too much time at places like Home Depot, as evidenced by Krew's "I've had enough of this and I want to go home" expression.  
 I was asked to teach Krew's primary class at church one week.  We played with googly eyes, feathers, markers, and glue sticks.  It was a super fun way to learn about Jesus!
 One of the last days of school was crazy hair day.  Ky went the facial hair (and yes, chest hair) route.  Kade put on his favorite wig.
 And this girl wore a skort.  Remember skorts?  I do.  Maybe they've been back in style for little girls for a while and I just never had a reason to notice.  But either way, they are back, and this little girl is so pulling off the look!

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