Saturday, September 17, 2016

momma and son dates

 Before the school year started, it was really important to me that I got to spend some quality one-on-one time with each of my boys.  Having four kids home all day every day during the summer, I feel like my attention is stretched very thin, and I never get a chance to really listen to, or enjoy being with, each of my kids individually.  So, I hired a babysitter for three different days, and I got to go on a date just me and one of my sons, three times!  They each got to pick a restaurant for lunch, and a fun activity to do together.  It was really interesting to see what each of them chose.

 Krew wanted to eat lunch at Hu Hot.  No surprise there.  He was pretty disappointed that they weren't serving octopus that day.
 When he wasn't creating stir-fry masterpieces or eating them, he was practicing his new card trick that we had just purchased at the dollar store as part of our date.  He was so cute doing his magic trick, and spent the next several weeks showing it off to anyone and everyone who would listen.
 For our activity, we hit the go-cart track and had a blast racing the cocky teenagers who thought they could beat us.  We proved them wrong!  Krew loved this and hasn't stopped talking about it since.
 Krew is such an awesome kid, and he's even more fun to be around when he's not competing with his siblings for my attention.  This summer was pretty rough on him as his older brothers got to do a lot of things that he just wasn't old enough to do.  He has a really hard time understanding the whole 6 years age gap thing.  So, to be out just the two of us, doing whatever he wanted to do was so good for him.

Kade chose to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.  He said as we sat down, "The last four times I've gone to Buffalo Wild Wings, I haven't."  This is hilarious because he always wants to go there, and there have been several times (probably 4, because you know he wouldn't forget) that we have gone, saw that the wait was going to be forever, and decided to eat somewhere else.  So, imagine his joy when we actually got to go inside, sit down and eat there!
Nope, he's not posing for these photos at all, ;)

Kade's activity of choice was ice skating.  We had a blast, even though I was in pain the entire time.  Ice skating must use a lot of muscles that I never use, because they were aching after only one time around the rink.  Regardless of that, it was awesome being able to talk to this great kid of mine without any other distractions.  He has so many interesting thoughts, and I'm so proud of the young man he is growing up to be.

Ky picked the yummiest place for lunch.  It's a restaurant called Bleu and it is delicious and fancy.
It did not surprise me at all that this kid ordered a hamburger.  And I think he really enjoyed it.  We got to eat outside on the balcony and chat and enjoy the beautiful weather.  It made me wish that I could have so many more days like this, just Ky and me.  Mostly raising twins is just plain awesome, but one of the hardest things is keeping them separate in my thoughts.  Because of their age, because they like usually like it, and for convenience, most of the time they are together, and sometimes they become Ky&Kade, one entity.  However, when I get to spend time alone with one of them, I rediscover the ways they are so incredibly unique.  I'm so glad they have each other, but I'm also glad that they are are amazing as individuals too.
Lucky for me, Ky also chose to go ice skating.  So, after wandering around the mall for awhile, catching Pokemon, we hit the ice rink again.  My legs weren't quite as sore that day, and I think I may have become a bit better by the end of that second day. (Maybe not. . .)
Oh, and I can't forget to mention that I also get to go out on dates with this handsome guy too.  Wow! Four dates with four different guys?  I'm one lucky lady!

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