Saturday, September 17, 2016

summertime shenanigans

Here are some fun, random things we filled our summer with:
 Getting wet in the downtown splash fountains

 Morning snuggles while watching TV.  Told you guys that these two love each other!
We went to an awesome kite festival and saw so many amazing, brightly-colored kites.
 We caught a "few" Pokemon
 We went out for ice cream a few times, because that's what summer is for, right?
 We went on lots of walks around the neighborhood.
 We hit up the local amusement park

We went swimming 
 We helped with the stake family history fair, where we were in charge of the photo booth.  Ky and Kade were amazing at teaching participants how to use the Memories family history app.  Plus, they look awesome all dressed up!
 We went to the county fair, and Everly would have been content petting this bunny the entire day.
 The twins found this friend from school, who showed them his prize-winning chicken.
 We found the boys' GMO posters from school last year.  And they were surprised and happy to see that they had both won ribbons!

 Everly spent some time playing with grandma's dog, Yuri.
 We went to the zoo, where Everly happily fed the giraffe.

 The kids also spent a very long time feeding the goats.  It was definitely the highlight of the whole day.
 One day, Miss Everly was not feeling well at all.  She wanted to be held all day, which I was happy to do.  When it came time to make dinner, she still did not want to be put down, so we broke out the old wrap, strapped her to me and cooked dinner together.  It had been a long time since we used that wrap, and although she's heavier and longer than last time, it still was nice to hold her like that.
And, nearly every day, Everly has lined up her friends on this bottom step.  She will then sit by them, or make one of us sit by them.  Some days she finds so many friends, and gets so frustrated when they won't all fit in the same step.  She's at such a cute stage, and I'm trying to remember as many of the cute little things she does, because I know all too well, that she is going to grow up too fast and will soon stop doing them.

It was a fantastic, very full summer, and we hate to see it go!

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