Thursday, October 6, 2016

back to school

On September 1st, these two boys started 5th grade!  That means they are growing up so fast.  Plus, in our school district here, 5th grade is no longer in the elementary school, but the intermediate school.  That means lockers and multiple teachers and sports teams and a tiny bit more homework.  So far they are loving it, and doing so well.  

A week later, on September 8th, it was Krew's turn to start school. Here the kids start 4K when they are four years old.  It's held 4 days a week, for 3 hours a day. He was so excited.  In fact, he had been counting down the days until his first day of school for weeks, had his "first day of school outfit" laid out on his bedroom floor for over a week.  I know he was excited for his chance to go to school, but I think he was most excited that he was finally going to be allowed to wear his new shoes!

His first morning, he walked right into his classroom, found his name, sat down and never looked back.  I cannot believe he is old enough for school!

This is him running toward me after his first day.  He then told me that he had a good day, but that it was just sooooo long!  Then he asked me how many more days of 4K he had.  I guess I hadn't prepared him well enough for the fact that the school year is 9 months long.  Whoops!

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