Friday, October 21, 2016

everly boots turns two!

On September 8th, Everly Boots turned 2!  This is how I found her when she woke up the morning of her birthday.  She was smiling of course, because she is the smiliest girl I have ever met, and has been since she was a tiny baby.  (With such adorable dimples, can you blame her for wanting to show them  off?)  She was holding her babies, because she loves to take them with her wherever she goes.  
 No birthday would be complete without a balloon for the birthday girl.

For her Minnie Mouse themed birthday party, we played Pin-the-Bow-on-Minnie.  It was a huge hit!  Everyone had to wear the silky pink blindfold and the Minnie Mouse bow in their hair (which my boys all loved, ha ha!)

Watching her open her presents was just so sweet.  She got so excited about each and every thing.  Which is extra neat considering the fact that the majority of her presents were little trinkets from the dollar store.  If only 10 year olds felt the same way. . .

I love how the mouse ears from the game on the wall behind her almost look like she's wearing them!

The cake.  It was delicious, by the way, in case you were wondering.

Okay, so I had to include this picture because while I was trying to get a cute one of Everly and her balloon, Krew decided to get in the picture and make funny faces.  But, look at his tongue!  How can he get it that vertical?  I've asked him to do it since I saw it in this picture and he can't.  Except this one time and I caught it with my camera.  Oh, and I love his blue eyes.  But this post isn't really about him, is it...

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