Monday, December 12, 2016

halloween 2016

Oh my goodness I love Halloween!  I love how excited we all get about picking out our costumes each year.  I love making costumes, or parts of costumes.  I love the decorations, and I love candy!
This is the only picture I have of all 4 kids dressed up together, and yeah, it's not great.
Ky and Kade wore these black suits, and what they were changed several times.  Sometimes they were shadows, sometimes they were each other's shadows, sometimes they were something else completely.
Krew doesn't like to wear costumes.  I'm pretty sure he's never voluntarily put on a costume just for fun.  So, finding a costume that isn't really a costume, so that he will actually wear it, is challenging.  Luckily, he decided early on that he wanted to wear his Steph Curry uniform and it worked out super well.
And Everly and I went as mermaids.  Of course I loved making our costumes, and I loved wearing coordinating costumes to the Halloween party.  We were blessed with amazing weather the night of the church Halloween party, so we were able to walk around outside without jackets (this never happens here!)
Isn't she just adorable!!
At the Halloween party, Kade decided he was the Air Jordan "Jumpman" logo!  Ha ha
So, Ky decided that he was the Shaq logo.  
Krew helped me paint this pumpkin bucket to look like a basketball.  His costume might not have actually been a costume, but the basketball bucket helped.
He is seriously the best!

Mom and mini mermaid costumes!

These two were trick-or-treating pros!  They kept going long after I thought they would be tired and bored.  It was much colder that night than it had been the week before, but that didn't seem to bother them.
Krew rode his scooter from house to house to maximize the distance he was able to travel without getting tired!

Everly had so much fun!  Plus, any time she was given the chance to pick which candy she wanted, she would rummage through all the candy, looking for a pink one.  Seriously, she didn't even know what kind of candy she got, as long as it was pink she was happy.  That's my girl!
The twins decided they were too grown up to come trick-or-treating with us, so we let them roam the neighborhood with friends this year.  They followed their two friends around, pretending to be their shadows!

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