Wednesday, December 21, 2016

november 2016

Here are some highlights from what was a great November!
 Everly did her very best Rapunzel impression.  I think she nailed it!
 Kade and Ky were on a 5th grade basketball team.  It was awesome to watch them play so well with their team and have so much fun!
 We had an amazingly warm November, and I had to document the fact that we were outside in short sleeves in the middle of the month!

 We had one last picnic on the porch on the last warm day of the year, November 18th.
 Of course, it snowed that very night, but the kids were so excited to play in the snow, that they hardly noticed the drastic temperature drop!

 Toward the end of the month, we traveled to Iowa to attend the wedding of one of Bart's cousins.  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception, and a fun weekend together as a family!

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