Sunday, July 2, 2017

may fun

May was a good month.  We had lots of fun, and here are some of the highlights:
 In May we FINALLY got Krew's school pictures back (they were taken in October).  Isn't he handsome?
 Everly continues to play with her princesses every day.  In fact, if we ever tell her that anyone is coming over to our house, she always asks if they are going to play princesses with her.

In May, we also learned that this little diva knows how to pose.  She picked out these sunglasses (very trendy!), put them on, and then struck this pose.  She wasn't even posing for a picture, apparently the sunglasses make her pose.  She then told me to try them on, on proceeded to critique my poses.  Seriously, where did she learn this stuff??
 One of my favorite things about May is the Memorial Day parade!  Everyone in coordinating clothes, people throwing candy to us, and warm weather.  What more could anyone want?

 The end of the school year is full of fun themed days, like crazy hair day!

 Being able to be outside as a family, going for a walk, shooting hoops, throwing rocks in the water, riding bikes, and more is why I love this time of year.

 Everly met a nice giraffe one day

 And she loves, loves, loves swings.


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