Thursday, October 18, 2007

our budding artist

This afternoon, I was distracted by a good (short) article in the Ensign. (Page 62 of the October issue) and turned my back to my boys. They were in the same room, I could hear them, and I had no reason to believe that something was not right, (i.e. crying, fighting, or the silence that mothers recognize as a sign that their children are up to no good). But all I heard was happy, playful jabbering. When I finished the touching article, I turned around to see the "masterpiece" that Kade had drawn on our wall!
At least I don't have to deal with the guilt I would have if I had been distracted by something else, like the TV, or the internet. I was reading the Ensign. Perhaps the twinge I felt in my heart wasn't because the article was inspiring, maybe I was being told to "turn around!"
For future reference, 409 does take most of a Roseart Red Orange crayon off the wall, and leaves most of the paint on.


The Mac's said...

Don't worry eventually they outgrow it...or if they are Haylee and Ethan they move on to flour and water paste or paint! The Flour and water paste dries like glue, that was a horrible mess that took days and days of scrubbing! THey are so cute, enjoy them while they are young they grow up so fast!

Meghan said...

Good for you for taking a moment for yourself. I know what you mean about the silence... Try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - it seems to work well on everything at our house!