Friday, October 5, 2007

why our trip was great, and why it's great to be home

Here (in no particular order, as my brain is still scrambled from traveling with two toddlers by myself yesterday) are some of the reasons why the boys and I had such a great trip out to Utah over the past three weeks:
-Seeing my parents and brothers

-Seeing my parents and brothers playing with my boys

-Not having to cook every night

-Eating my mom's yummy food

-Eating at Cafe Rio, Red Robin, Brick Oven, Pudding on the Rice, and Earnestly Chocolate ice cream from the BYU Creamery

-Eating fresh tomatoes, grapes, and plums from my parents' backyard

-Seeing friends from high school

-Playing on the nice, soft, Utah grass

-Shopping with my mom at IKEA, the Scrapbook Expo, and Gardner Village

-Being in the beautiful mountains

-Seeing all four of my grandparents

-Spending time with my best friend from college

-Seeing some dear friends from when Bart and I were first married

-Watching my dad spoil my boys with grapes

-Having a front porch to sit on and eat popcorn with Ky and Kade

-And, saving the best for last, spending a day with my brother-in-law and his wife! (see Bret, I told you I would save a special place on my blog just for you!)

Why it's great to be home:


-Being able to wear shorts again

-I had more than 6 shirts to choose from when I got dressed this morning

-Being able to count down to when I get to see Bart again in hours, not weeks

-Not having to sleep on an air mattress anymore

-The boys can sleep in their own cribs

-Watching the boys' excitment as they were reunited with their toys that they hadn't played with for three weeks

-Coming home to a clean house, thanks Bart!

-The palm trees

-Staying up late with Bart, trying to remember every story from the past three week

-Just the comfort of being HOME, wherever that may be

Thanks everyone for helping us have a great trip! Thank you Bart for being so supportive, we sure missed you a lot.


Heidi said...

Ashli - you are so sweet!!

The Mac's said...

I miss you , it was fun to see you so much while you were here. I am so happy you started a blog! I still have that little construction man toy your boys left...any ideas what to do with it? Keep in touch...

Meghan said...

Sounds like a fun time! The kids and I spent 2 1/2 weeks in Utah/AZ and had a hard time without dad too. You're a brave momma to fly all by yourself. I thought an hour and a half was bad - you take the cake! We sure miss you guys next door. Can't believe how much Kade and Ky have grown - what adorable boys! You'll have to bring up the Ymount blog with Jeremy Johnson - he's the only one with administrative rights. I think I sent you an invite to ours, but just in case -

Debbie said...

How fun to spend so much time with your family! It is so hard being so far away sometimes.
I'm sure Bart is thrilled to have you and your boys home again!