Thursday, October 16, 2008

enjoying the season

There is a park just a few minutes away from our house. The boys love to play on the slides and swings. They also love to run around on the baseball field and pretend they are playing a real game. We recently discovered that there is a great path that winds through the trees that line the park. The trees right now are such beautiful colors, it makes the walk that much more fun. It's so fun to watch the boys hiking through the fallen leaves, watching out for large tree roots and they can even hike up and down the steep parts with ease. It really reminds me that they are little boys now, and not toddlers.

Ky throwing an acorn into the woods. They could do this for hours.My boys and the bright, colorful leaves
Hiking up the path
Say "cheese"


Meg said...

Man, those two look more and more alike each time I see em!

The Mac's said...

Yeah for Autumn! I love the changing leaves:) Winter hit before the leaves even fell off the trees this year...welcome to Utah!

Hope all is well. When are you coming out here again? I would love to see you and your sweet boys, my kids miss their buddies.

Meghan said...

Beatiful pics and super adorable boys!