Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Since the boys were about 18 months old, one of their favorite things to do is play golf. See proof here. They have gone through 3 sets of plastic golf clubs, not because they treat them badly, but because they play with them that much. So, rather than buying another set of sure-to-break, backwards-because-my-boys-play-left-handed plastic clubs, Bart coughed up the money and bought them some real, left-handed clubs. I thought that giving two three year-olds heavy metal golf clubs would surely lead to a trip to the emergency room within the first few days, but it's been a few weeks and so far no injuries. They actually do a great job of watching where their brother is and staying away from him until he's done swinging. Bart's excited to take them to a real golf course soon to really try them out.

These pictures were taken before they got their new clubs, but they are still fun, so I decided to post a few. Notice the duct tape, bent shaft, and how they hit the ball with the back of the club. Too funny...

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