Monday, June 8, 2009

little gym, little athletes

The boys just finished their awesome sports class at the Little Gym. They've been going since February, and they have learned a lot since then. They learned some fun games, gymnastics skills, and sports skills in hockey, golf, baseball, track, and tennis. It was fun to see them interact with the other kids in their class, and also to really stick together.
The last day of class, the parents got to come in with them and they showed us some of the things they had learned the past few months.

Jumping on the airtrack was a favorite activity.

Ky executing a perfect forward roll

I made some bright, colorful cupcakes that match the interior of the gym to thank their teachers for everything. I got the idea here.
At the end, their teachers awarded all the kids with gold medals. Kade and Ky wanted to go up together (awww cute!). Their teachers said that they were both natural athletes and very good at golf and baseball, that they were always energetic and had lots to say.

Their class. Notice how much smaller they are than the other kids...but that never stopped them from keeping up.


Jessica said...

How fun! BG did an intro Little Gym class, but we never did the whole thing. What fun for your boys.

Allison Scherer said...

Bart and Ashley,
We hope you guys are doing well. Great family pictures. This is Kurt and Allison Scherer. We are in Tennessee (Chattanooga) right now and moving back to UF to do radiology residency.
I have a friend that wants to do PA school at Medical College of Georgia and had some questions and I knew you and Brian would be the best guys to ask. Could I get your email and we could chat?

Kurt, Allison, Isabella, and Joshua Scherer

Heidi said...

CUTE - I think you guys just might have some budding athletes there!! LOVE those pretty cupcakes!