Monday, June 22, 2009

i {heart} corner buildings

I distinctly remember the first time I went to San Francisco and I saw several uniquely shaped buildings caused by the intersecting streets not being perpendicular to each other, or by more than two streets intersecting at the same place. I instantly fell in love with these corner buildings. (By corner buildings, I don't just mean buildings on a corner--they have to be the skinny, triangular ones.) I know I have seen others, some in person and some in pictures. There are some great ones in Europe I would love to see in person someday.

Well, last weekend when we were in Madison, I spotted some more great corner buildings and had to take some pictures. A few of these shots were taken while risking my life--I had to stand in the middle of the intersection and hold up traffic when the light turned green. It's okay though because I {heart} corner buildings.

We actually stopped and went inside this corner building for some Jamba Juices. Yum! I think they tasted better because they were from this cool building.


Meg said...

The colors in that first shot are so cool!

Jessica said...

I am so with you on this! They are so fun and architectual. Love your pictures.

Sarah H said...

Yeah, those are really cool looking.