Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bridal veil falls

While in Utah my parents took us to Bridal Veil Falls to walk and play. I have memories of going there when I was little, and it's fun to now be taking my kids there. Of course, their favorite thing to do was throw rocks in the water...some things never change.

My dad and the boys walking to the falls

My dad collected a bunch of rocks and took the boys on the bridge to throw them into the water. As you can see by the look on Kade's face, they loved this!

More throwing rocks in the water--my dad was grabbing the rocks out of the boys' hands while they were trying to throw them.

Jumping in to the freezing cold water. I wasn't sure they would actually get in, but they did and even convinced Grandpa to go in with them.

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Sarah H said...

looks like so fun.
Miss that place.