Friday, August 28, 2009

children's museum

My mom took the boys and I to the children's museum in Salt Lake while we were in Utah. There was so much for the boys to play with, and even some things that I could have played with for hours. It was such a fun day.

My boys, the news anchors!

This was one of my favorite things. You put cupcake liners in this tube and air blows it way up.

Sorry Ky is so blurry in this pic. But, this was so funny. The boys put on different costumes and played on this stage. They "acted" things out and I really think they have a career in showbiz.
There was this awesome ball area. There were lots of those lightweight balls like in ball pits. There were tubes to put them in, places with air that would blow the balls around, ball tracks, etc. If it weren't for all the kids running around, we would have stayed there for a long time.

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Sarah H said...

That's really cool there's a childrens museum in SL now. Looks fun!