Friday, April 16, 2010

four new babies!

That's right, our family has grown by ducks that is. They are only a few days old, and they are so much fun! They live in our basement, and the boys like to check on them several times each day. They are only going to live with us for a few weeks, until they are not so cute and tiny anymore, so we are trying to enjoy them while we can. So, if you live close, come see them soon, they are even cuter in real life.

The two brown ones are mallards names Barry (from the Bee Movie, because apparently he looks like a bee), and Buzz (as in Lightyear). The yellow ones will grow up to be white, and they are named Donald and Daisy.

Kade loves holding them, and isn't afraid to pick them up.

I love this pic of Kade and his Daddy

Ky isn't so sure about holding them, and his nervousness keeps him from grabbing a duck as it runs away. But he still loves to watch them, and I think he wants to want to hold one.

Bart and two babies. This reminds me of something...

Ky finally held one, after Kade picked it up for him. If he wasn't eating a Ring Pop, you could see his big smile.


Bret &Charise Miller said...

You got em'! They are so cute. The boys look so excited. Hopefully we get to see them before they get too big and you don't have them anymore.

Sarah H said...

So cute!