Monday, April 26, 2010

mall of america

A few weeks ago, Bart took 3 days off of work and we headed to Minneapolis for a little family vacation to Mall of America. Monday we checked into our hotel, and went straight for the mall. The boys loved this Lego store, which had the coolest things made out of Legos.

There was also this area where they could build cars out of legos and race them down a racetrack.
Then we went upstairs to the third floor of the mall to go miniature golfing. I thought the boys would be pretty good, but they were actually worse than they were last summer when we went mini golfing a few times. (Although, I did pretty terribly that day too, so let's just blame the course.)

When we were done golfing, we met up with one of Bart's friends from when he lived in Iowa. We met his fiance and had dinner. Then, we headed back to the hotel to swim in the pool!
Of course, the boys' favorite thing to do at the pool is jump in, over and over again. They even got Bart to join in the fun!

The next morning we got up and headed to the mall again. This time to go on all the rides! The boys had such a blast going on all the kiddie rides, and Bart and I took turns going on the roller coasters. It was so un-crowded that we never had to wait in line for anything, and most of the time (especially on the bigger rides), we were the only ones on the ride. Which is nice, except when you are the only one on a roller coaster and you scream, everyone knows who is screaming!
At lunch the boys chased down Sharky until he stopped and they got to hug him and pose for a picture.
Back on the rides. I don't think Bart fits on this one very well!
We took the whole family on the log chute, which is very much like Splash Mountain at Disney, but with terrible characters inside instead of the cute ones. It has two big drops, and Ky did not like it so much. But Kade asked to go on it over and over. In fact, a couple of times I took him on it, he asked the ride attendant if we could stay on and go again, so we did! We ended going on it 5 times, and he would have gone on it more if we'd had more time. I guess he likes the thrill rides like his mom!
This picture was actually taken the next day, but I had to get a picture to remember how much he loved this ride. I can't wait until he gets a little taller and we go to Disney World or Disneyland so we can ride Splash Mountain together, because he is going to love it!

Tuesday we stayed at the mall and went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner. I thought the boys would love it, but Ky was scared of the fake monkeys, so not only didn't he enjoy it very much, he didn't really eat either. Oh well!
Wednesday we did a bit more shopping at the mall. Then, we tried to get the boys to go to a movie with us, but they really don't like movie theaters, and said that they would rather go to IKEA. So, we went next door, dropped the boys off at the free babysitting area, and Bart and I did a little shopping at Ikea.
It was such a great trip! I got to go with my family to a mall, with roller coasters, and stop at Ikea. It doesn't get much better than that!
Here are some little videos of our trip if you got all the way through this post and you still want to see more!

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Jessica said...

What a fun trip! The M of A was one of the advantages of Minneapolis when we were looking at moving there. I've heard it's great.