Wednesday, April 21, 2010

nfl draft 2010

Living in Green Bay makes the NFL and the Packers the top news story almost every day. Although I am a bigger college football fan, I've found myself much more interested in this year's draft. In my next life, I'm going to write for Sports Illustrated ... so although no one out there in cyberspace cares, here are a few thoughts on tomorrow's draft.

- I'm down with the draft moving to prime time. Part of me hates that it's simply about money, but this way I don't waste an entire weekend as the draft drags on. Only dilemma tomorrow night = two new episodes of 30 Rock and a new Office.

- My thoughts on Tebow? Peter King of SI said it best a few months ago: "The NFL team that can't find a spot for Tebow to help it win games is close-minded. I don't know if he can be an every-down quarterback, but I do know 28 teams passed on Joe Montana through two rounds because he was too small, 31 teams passed on Tom Brady through five rounds because he was just another guy, and Kurt Warner went undrafted and twice went knocking on doors as an unwanted free-agent even after he won a Super Bowl in the NFL. Every GM didn't go to Harvard. Every personnel czar is not Ron Wolf. What I do know is if I ran a team, and I've got the 40th pick in the draft, and Tebow's there, I pick him without hesitation and pass the card in as, "Tim Tebow, football player, Florida.'' And I pop the champagne corks."

- Other draft story lines of interest to me? Where will Toby Gerhart end up? Who will take on Dez Bryant? How far will Brandon Spikes fall (I love the guy for coming back his senior year ... but he is falling down boards everywhere)? Lastly, what team will make Jimmy Clausen a first round draft pick (no way!!!)?

- Packer needs: defensive backs, offensive linemen, and yes, a punter ... or someway to jump start our special teams. Most mock drafts have the Packers taking an offensive lineman in the first round ... which takes me to:

- Why do teams continue to draft offensive linemen in the first round ... and pay them first round money?? WHY??? It's like taking a kicker in the first round in fantasy football! I had to do a little research and gathered some interesting facts regarding the starting offensive lines from last year's super bowl:

LT: Jermon Bushrod - 4th round
LG: Carl Nicks - 5th round
C: Jonathan Goodwin - 5th round
RG: Jahri Evans - 4th round
RT: Jon Stinchcomb - 2nd round
LT: Charlie Johnson - 6th round
LG: Ryan Lilja -signed as undrafted free agent
C: Jeff Saturday - signed as undrafted free agent
RG: Kyle Devan - signed as undrafted free agent
RT: Ryan Diem - 4th round

The Colts gave up the fewest number of sacks in 2009. Need I say more?

- Saw one mock draft that had Joe Haden going to the Packers. I don't think he'll fall that far, but that would make me (as well as Kade and Ky) very happy.

- If Eric Berry falls any further than the 4th pick it's a huge mistake. Great player.

- I'm tired of Mel Kiper, Jr.

- Anyway, predicting the draft and what players will be good pros in my mind is like predicting the weather. Some teams are better at it than others, but no one really knows. I've missed Ron Wolf as the Packers GM, but Ted Thompson made some great moves last year. I don't feel like the Packers need much and it will be interesting to see what the Packers do, especially in terms of preparing for the future.

Enjoy the draft!

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