Wednesday, May 12, 2010

no more ducks

We enjoyed having the baby ducks at our house for a few weeks, but they grew so fast! When they were two weeks old, we decided it was time to take them to a farm where they would have more room to run around. But we sure liked having them here while they were little.
Kade a.k.a. Iron Man holding Barry
Our sweet friend Lily holding Daisy
A few days before we took the ducks to the farm, we let them play outside in our back yard. Bart set out a pie tin with water for them to drink. Apparently we forgot to bring the water dish inside, because the next morning, when the boys went out to play it was still there. I told them to just dump it out, so they didn't accidentally step in it and spill dirty duck water on themselves. Well, when they dumped it out, we were surprised to see that the top layer had frozen and there was a nice circle of ice. I went back inside to get something for the boys and when I came back less than a minute later, they were both crunching on something. I said, "What are you eating?" "Ice." Umm yeah, the ice that came from the duck water that sat outside all night. Gross. Gross. Gross. But it makes for a funny story and I didn't want to forget it!

Ky looking in on the ducks in their new, much larger home on the farm They were so much bigger than they were two weeks before. But still fluffy and cute!
Kade chasing a chicken on the farm. This picture has nothing to do with the ducks, but I thought it was funny!

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