Friday, May 7, 2010

iron man and war machine

Kade and Ky have been pretending to be superheros for several months. It used to change every day, and I would have to guess which superhero they were that day and call them that all day. However, about two months ago, they saw a preview for Iron Man 2, and they were hooked. Luckily we already had an Iron Man costume that we bought after Halloween last year, because that and Captain America were the only ones left that were their size. Only, they never wanted to wear the Iron Man costume until they saw the trailer. Now, every day, Kade is Iron Man, (or Tony Stark) and Ky is War Machine (or Rhodey), and we are supposed to call them that. They've even told their teachers at church and the Little Gym to call them by their superhero names.

Ky's War Machine costume (if you don't know who War Machine is, he's in the 2nd movie, and he's Iron Man's sidekick) was a black Spiderman costume that I added grey fabric to (in a very sloppy manner--please don't laugh at the costume, I had no idea what I was doing.)

A few weeks ago, Bart and I got the first Iron Man movie from Netflix and the day after we watched it, we let the boys watch it--sort of--the movie is over 2 hours long, and the boys saw less than an hour of it total. There was a lot of fast forwarding going on. But they loved it!

The best part is that they actually think they are going to be the real Iron Man and War Machine when they grow up. They know they are just pretending now, but when they grow up, they are going to have real suits and will really be able to fly.

I also love that they never fight over who gets to be Iron Man. Ky is perfectly happy being the sidekick. He's such a good brother!

Oh yeah, and they have stopped calling me mom, and refer to me as Pepper or Miss Potts most of the time.


Meg said...

I love this!

The Lloyd Family said...

That is so funny and so cute!

Breanne said...

That is so funny! Your boys are so cute, and getting so big!

Frances said...

I think that your kids would also look cute if they appear as a tandem with Iron Man and Spider-man costumes from CostumeExpress.