Tuesday, September 6, 2011

kindergarten-here they come!

Thursday was Ky and Kade's first day of kindergarten. They were so excited. They woke up bright and early and got ready quickly. They kept telling me how excited they were. Kindergarten here is all day, so we packed their lunches, got their backpacks ready and headed outside to take pictures. The boys wanted to leave right away, but because they had gotten up and ready so fast, we would have been 30 minutes early! They could hardly stand waiting, but we finally made it to the school. Everyone lined up in their classes outside the school as they waited to go in. It took quite a while to make sure all the kindergartners were standing in the the right lines, that they all had their name tags on, and for the teachers to explain some procedural things to the parents. The boys were too excited and did not want to wait any more! While we were waiting, I kept thinking I should tell the boys not to cry, but I realized that the only one in danger of crying was me! Sure enough, as soon as I watched them walk into the school I turned around and the tears started to flow! I told Bart I had it more than twice as hard as any other mother there. No one else had to send their TWO oldest (and for now, only) kids to kindergarten for the first time at the same time! Plus, being pregnant, I'm more emotional anyway!
I was sad to see them go, knowing that they were now going to be in school all day, every day for a long time, but excited for all the things that lie ahead for them. And even though I missed them a lot, I made the most of my time alone. I cleaned the house (and it stayed clean all day!), I went to a doctor's appointment, went shoe shopping, baked cookies, and read a good book! Not too bad for one day!

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The Lloyd Family said...

Your boys are SO adorable! One more year until my girls start kindergarten - I got a little teary just imagining what that's gonna be like. :)