Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the rest of the day at the iowa state fair

The Iowa state fair was so huge that we were there from 8am to 5pm, seeing as much as we could all day, and we didn't come close to seeing half of the fair. It's no wonder people camp there the whole week!
Anyway, our favorite part of the fair (apart from the boys winning a yellow ribbon) was the Little Hands on the Farm. It was this really cute, very well organized way to teach little kids about what goes on on a farm and how things get from the farm to their own houses. Kade and Ky loved it!
They started out planting "seeds" in the garden. Then they each "harvested" what they had planted and put it in their basket.

They got to pick "apples" from the tree

And ride tractors around. They even learned how some of the crops they harvested are used for the fuel for their tractors.

They learned about sheep and wool and what is made out of wool

And they got to "milk" this "cow." Then they took all their goods and "sold" them at the farmers market where they earned a "dollar" that they used at the grocery store to buy themselves a treat. It was such an awesome exhibit.

These baby ducks reminded us of our baby ducks we had last year.

Aren't these baby ostriches the cutest? I wish this picture gave you a better idea of how spiky they looked.

So the Butter Cow is a huge part of the Iowa state fair, and this year they celebrated 100 years of the butter cow, so it was an even bigger deal. Can you believe that detail, made out of butter?

What's a fair without some yummy fair food? Kade went with a classic fair corn dog.

Ky wanted a turkey leg-totally his idea. Look how it's almost as big as his head!

The boys shared this yummy lemonade,

And the huge turkey leg. It was such a fun, exhausting day. It was even a lot for my boys who never seem to run out of energy, and do not sleep in the car. They were out within minutes.

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