Saturday, October 15, 2011

doctors in training

Last week we took Kade and Ky to a class at the hospital called, "Big Kids and New Babies." It was a class to help kids know a little about what to expect when a new baby joins the family. There was a really silly video for the kids to watch about how they might feel when the baby comes, and what the new baby can and can't do. Each child was supposed to bring a stuffed animal or a doll, so my boys came prepared with their teddy bears. The teachers showed them how to hold a baby, how to burp a baby, how to swaddle a baby, and how to put on a diaper. They practised all these things, and were so proud of themselves when they were able to put the little diaper on their bears. Then we got to take a tour of the labor and delivery floor so they could see where mommy is going to have the baby. Then, they got to decorate a bib for the new baby.
It was really fun to hear the comments they made about their little brother coming, and since that day, I have seen them practicing some of the things they learned. For instance, the other day they found an empty toilet paper tube and were trying to put some of their toys through the tube. The teacher said if the toy fits through the tube, then it is too small for the baby. So, it was cute to see them trying to figure out at home which toys they could share with their brother and which ones they couldn't.
I can't wait for this little guy to join our family, and I'm excited to see Kade and Ky as big brothers!

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The Murray Family said...

What a great class. I wish we had something like that around here. Today my mom babysat her neighbor's 2 month old boy. We spent the afternoon over there doing our own little warm up for baby brother. Mason was so excited and cute. Brynn just kept saying, "I don't like the baby!" I'm a little worried. You're boys are going to be great older brothers!!