Monday, November 7, 2011

krew's first day home

Last Sunday, Oct. 30th, we were able to bring Krew home. Our first day together as a family of five was perfect and something that I will always cherish. I had thought that I would want to spend as much time in the hospital being taken care of as possible, but when Sunday morning came, I was ready to go home. I missed Kade and Ky and I was excited for us all to be home together. Plus, I knew they were dying to have mommy (and Krew) home again.

We got Krew all ready to come home.  He did not like his car seat, and this is the only picture I could get where he wasn't screaming. 
When we pulled in the driveway we saw this cute welcome home sign that Kade and Ky made (with a little help from uncle Bret and aunt Charise). 

First, we were able to spend a little bit of time visiting with Bret and Charise who had stayed with Kade and Ky while we were in the hospital.
We were able to take our first family picture as a family of five!  Don't I have the most adorable guys in my life?!
Ky and Kade took turns holding their new baby brother.  They loved this.  They would hold him for a long time, and just look at him.  It was so neat watching them fall in love with their baby brother.  And they have been super big brothers.  They are constantly asking if there is anything they can do to help take care of Krew,  and they get really concerned if he is crying.  It's going to be so awesome watching these three boys grow up together!
That evening we carved pumpkins.  This was the first year that Kade and Ky have really been excited about helping and designing their own pumpkins.
I think they turned out pretty good!
We ended the night setting off some fireworks in honor of Krew and his coming home to join our family.  I love fireworks, and watching them while holding my brand-new baby, thinking of how long we waited for him, and what a precious miracle and blessing from heaven he is, was such a special moment. 

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Alicia said...

Just perfect! What an amazing family! You are my sweet friend are the princess in the family. Yes, you have the most adorable guys!! Congrats you guys!