Tuesday, November 29, 2011

one month already!

My sweet, tiny baby is one month old already!  How did that month go by so fast?  It's amazing to me how much Krew has already changed.  He's outgrown quite a few of his newborn clothes and is already too big for newborn diapers.  His face looks much less like a newborn and he has a cute, pudgy little belly.  (So much different than my tiny newborn twins were!)

I am so loving this newborn phase and I don't want it to go by so quickly.  I love that when I hold him, he feels like a warm ball of dough.  I love the way the top of his head smells.  I love all his little tiny parts.  I love watching him fall asleep in my arms.  I love all the funny faces he makes, like smiling in his sleep, his "bird face" ( this is what we call it when he goes cross-eyed and puckers his lips at the same time.  Kade had the same great bird face.), the face he makes when he hears daddy and I can tell he is listening intently.  I love his awesome hair!  I love how hard he arches his back when he is sleepy. I love how in love with him his brothers are. I love the feeling I get when I think about how long we waited for him to come to our family, and the fact that now he is actually here! 

Happy one month birthday, Krew!  You are such a blessing to our family!


Ashley said...

He is so adorable, and you did a fantastic job on those pictures!

The Murray Family said...

I am so in love with his hair. I don't think I've ever seen a one month old with that much perfect hair. So handsome.

Sarah H said...

So cute! I haven't been on my blogs in forever so this is a belated congratulations! What a beautiful baby boy!