Thursday, July 26, 2012

tricky, tricky

 On Tuesday, Krew and I had a rare evening just the two of us, so what did we do?  Photo shoot, what else!  I took him outside, put a tie on him (because every guy looks fancy in a tie), and snapped away!

 I love that his eyes are the same color as the stripes on his tie, and the blanket he's sitting on.  Oh, and I love how his natural highlights look when he's outside.  I wish my hair was that color!
 Krew has just started pulling himself up and standing.  His legs are still super wobbly and it makes this mama nervous, but he is always super proud of himself when he does it, and it's cute to see him smile about it.

The above picture is only funny because of another new skill he learned this past weekend: waving.  Only this is how he does it.  He simply puts his hand out and sorta up and leaves it there.  Every once in a while you'll get a slow-motion squeezing of his fingers toward his palm, and then only once, but most of the time there is absolutely no waving to his wave.  In this picture, he saw a bird, so he is saying "hello."

Another trick:  as I was taking these pictures, Krew decided to climb up, onto the chair!

 I think he's going to be really good at boogie boarding!  I love this baby!!

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