Tuesday, December 4, 2012

flashback to september

Since I haven't been very good at blogging the past several months, I decided to do a few random posts just to make sure I include some of my favorite pictures and memories.  So, even though these are our of order, enjoy!

One day in September, Krew-baby was sick.  He just wanted Daddy to snuggle him.  It was sad to see him feeling so rotten, but it made for some great pictures and some sweet snuggle-time!

In September, Bart went out of town for a conference.  We are so lucky that Bart almost never has to travel for work.  But since he was gone, the boys and I took full-advantage of the chance to make cinnamon rolls.  See, Bart is allergic to cinnamon-I can't even cook with the stuff.  Unless he is out of town. Then we make a huge batch of cinnamon rolls and eat them for breakfast, lunch and dessert.  Yum!

I look back at these pictures and I can't believe how much Krew has changed since then!  His hair is so much lighter, he's bigger, and he really looks much more grown up already.

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