Thursday, December 6, 2012

october fun

Here are some more -out-of-order-but-I-still-want-to-include-them pictures and memories!

Back in October, I took Senior Pictures for a girl from church.  When I got out all of my equipment, Ky volunteered to help me make sure everything was working right.  He's such a cute kid, but he does not like to have his picture taken.  (I think it's just the fact that having his picture taken means he has to hold still for a whole second).  Anyway, it was fun to get some cute, simple pictures of him.  Plus, I've gotta say that the green wall in our kitchen makes an awesome backdrop!

All month long, while I was making their Halloween costumes, as soon as I would finish another part, they both wanted to try them on and play Star Wars.  Here are some pictures from one such occasion.

On October 11th, Krew had another haircut.  He had had several already, but this time I was going to let my friend Greta give him a real haircut.  I have always loved Krew's hair, as I'm sure I have mentioned here several times, and it was hard for me to give him a real haircut.  Plus, he was almost one, and I knew an actual hairstyle would make him look instantly older.  But, it was getting in his eyes, and it really was too long.  So, here are the before pictures:

And the after pictures.  It took me a few days to get used to it, and then I really did think it was handsome.  But I was right about it making him look older, and I don't think I was ready for that.  Plus, his hair got so much lighter because the haircut took off the last of his dark tips.  But, I think he is the cutest little blondie ever!

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