Sunday, December 2, 2012


I spent a lot of time in October making Halloween costumes.  Five Halloween costumes.  But it was totally worth it, because we all had THE best, coordinating costumes, and I hardly spent anything!  Kade and Ky love Star Wars, and since there are lots of fun character options, we went with it.  The hardest part for the boys was agreeing on which characters they wanted to be.  Kade was super set on being Darth Vader.  (I don't know what his obsession with being the bad guy is.  Remember this Halloween?  Should I be worried?) Ky had a hard time deciding between a storm trooper, Anakin, a clone trooper, and a few other ideas, and finally settled on Luke Skywalker!  Don't they look awesome in their costumes? Best friends and arch enemies.  They sure know how to play the part as well!

Krew's costume was seriously the thing that settled us on being Star Wars characters in the first place.  Isn't this the CUTEST R2-D2 you have ever seen?  I'm in love!!

Bart and I like to dress up for Halloween, but we like it even better when we are dressing up with the kids.  It feels less like we are thirtysomethings playing dress ups, and more like awesome parents who dress up with their kids.  Leia was the obvious choice for me, but Kade and Ky had lots of ideas for Bart.  In the end, Han Solo is the only one that can kiss Leia so we went with that to avoid any awkward moments.  Are we the coolest (or nerdiest) family ever?  I think so!

Halloween night we all went trick-or-treating together.  I usually stay home and hand out candy, but I did not want to miss Krew's first year trick-or-treating (it wasn't his first Halloween, but he was only 3 days old last year, so I'm not sure that counts).  It sure was fun (even though it was cold!) to be out together as a family.  Plus, we got lots of comments on our matching costumes!

Also, it did not take Krew long to realize that yummy stuff is kept in those orange buckets! That's my boy!

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The Murray Family said...

Definitely the coolest family. And you are the coolest mom! I can't believe you made all those costumes!