Thursday, January 3, 2013

kade and ky turn 7!

On December 29th, Kade and Ky turned 7!  They were super excited that their birthday was on a Saturday so that daddy could be home with them all day.  After much deliberation, we decided not to do a friends birthday party this year.  Not because we didn't want to...the boys love having a party and I love creating the invites, the decorations, games, party favors etc.  But, there were some issues with the invite list, so we decided to forgo the whole thing this year, and instead, we spent the entire day playing!
 The first stop was McDonald's for breakfast.  We tried to talk them into this yummy pancake place in town, but they are 7, so McDonald's was their choice.  Every time we went somewhere that day, they had to tell the cashier that it was their birthday.  It was so cute!
 After breakfast, we came home so the baby could nap.  The birthday boys decided to play a few hours of video games (even before we had made any plans for the day, they had decided that since it was their birthday, they should be able to play as much video games as they wanted.  I'm not sure that they wouldn't have played even more, but their birthday is only once a year, right?)  While they were playing, I decorated their cake.  Months ago, they had decided that their birthday party would have a Lego Ninjago theme.  And just because it was only the 5 of us, didn't mean that we couldn't stick to the theme!
Here is Lloyd, the green Ninja, and the Ninjago cake.  It turned out pretty good considering my lack of cake decorating skills.  (Sorry Mom!)

 Just before lunch, the boys got to open their presents.

 I don't have pictures of the next activity, even though it may have been everyone's favorite part of the day.  After lunch, we went SWIMMING!  I know I've mentioned here before about how much the boys like to go swimming.  It's always their favorite part of any vacation, so it seemed like the perfect activity to do on their birthday.  We all had a blast, and it felt so nice to swim in the warm water on such a cold day.  Even Krew thought the pool was awesome!

Next we did a little shopping to spend some of the money the boys got for Christmas and their birthday.
Next stop:  the jumping place at the mall.  Kade and Ky have asked to do this several times, but we've never forked over the cash for it. But, their birthday seemed like the perfect day to splurge and let them jump to their little hearts' content.  Kade was the first one to get strapped up, and he looked pretty nervous at first.  But, slowly he got more comfortable, until he was doing back flip after back flip!  By the time he was done, the bands holding him up were so twisted.  Just before getting him down, the guy working there changed his bands to tighter ones, pulled him down far, and launched him into the air.  He went higher than the tops of the support bars, and he got to do this 7 times since it was his seventh birthday!  He loved it, and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much while watching him!

 Ky was quite nervous at first too.  But, soon he was jumping really high on his own.  He didn't want to try a back flip, even though the rest of us kept encouraging him to give it a try!

 After jumping, we headed home for dinner.  The boys had requested cheeseburgers as their birthday dinner, so Bart fired up the grill in the cold.  We ate burgers and watched the original Superman movie (which they got for their birthday).  After that it was time for cake and ice cream!

This year they decided they wanted to be sung to and blow out the candles by themselves.  They decided that Ky should go first.
 When it was Kade's turn, he wanted all the lights out.
 He had such a hard time blowing out the candles. He would blow and blow and nothing would happen, which would make him laugh and then he really had a hard time blowing any air out.  By the time he got them all blown out, they both had the giggles.  It was pretty fun!
 Neither one of them ate very much dessert.  They both complained that they were too tired to eat.  I couldn't believe it--we had worn them out!  I'm not sure that's ever happened before.  But, we did have a very fun day, full of excitement.

Happy birthday Kade and Ky!  We love you both so much!!!


The Murray Family said...

Love the Ninjago cake! Mask is all about Ninjago and keeps telling me he wants a Ninjago birthday party (in 4 months). We might just have to try and duplicate this.
I can't believe Kade and Ky are 7 already. Where does the time go?

The Murray Family said...

Mason not Mask. Gotta love autocorrect.