Thursday, January 30, 2014

my date night with krew: mickey mouse style!

Last week, I went on a really fun date, with a really fun guy!  Bart bought tickets for Krew and I to see Mickey Mouse Live!, just the two of us.  Krew is a big fan of Mickey (and so am I) and he's just the right age for something like this, so I knew he would love it!
We got there just a few minutes before the show started, so we took some pictures!
 Krew insisted on bringing his Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck from home.  He held them the whole time, and whenever either (or both) of them were on stage, he would shake them up and down, so they were dancing just like the ones on stage.  He was pretty serious about it, too!

 He was not very happy to have to wait during the intermission, but I assured him that Mickey and his friends would be back soon!
We both had a great time, and the show was pretty cute.  It was fun to have a night out just the two of us.  Yes, we get to spend all day most days just the two of us, but we rarely go anywhere more fun than Costco or Target.  We are desperately waiting for some warmer weather so we don't have to hibernate indoors anymore!

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