Wednesday, January 8, 2014

pre-christmas festivities!

The week leading up to Christmas was full of lots of fun things.  
 It finally was warmish (above 25 degrees) so we went sledding!  Kade and Ky were more adventurous and independent while sledding this year than they have ever been before.  They were getting a running head-start and sliding down face first on their bellies, etc.  Krew wasn't sure what he thought.  Sometimes he was loving it, and other times down he didn't not have fun at all.  Oh, and it's exhausting carrying a sled and a chunky two year old up a snowy hill repeatedly!
 Ky and Kade both played to role of Santa for their school's winter concert.  Kade was Santa during the 1st graders' performance, and Ky was Santa for the 2nd graders' performance.  They did an amazing job and definitely were the stars of the show!  They both had all their lines memorized, and Kade actually had the entire script memorized!  I was so proud while watching them I was giddy!

 Two days before Christmas, we decorated "gingerbread" houses.  Bart's brother, Bret and his family had come into town that weekend all the way from New Mexico, and we were so happy that they were there to decorate with us.  Decorating these graham cracker houses with my cousins growing up was always one of my favorite Christmas traditions, and I'm happy that it can live on at my house!

 This picture of Krew cracks me up.  No, I didn't get him mid-blink, he actually closes his eyes, or mostly closes his eyes a lot to be cool.  Whenever he sings (which is a lot), he half closes his eyes like he is really into it or something.  The funny face in this picture was on purpose.  He cracks me up!

 Kade wanted me to write "Steve" on the side of his house, because "that's the name of the guy that lives there."  Sorry Kade, that should have been so obvious.
 Before I put the houses together, Ky requested an outhouse behind his house.  Sometimes my kids are too creative for their own good!

 On Christmas Eve, we went to Bart's parents' house for some delicious soup and to act out the Nativity.
 Krew wanted to be baby Jesus, but he's a little big.  I guess I should stop calling him "baby!"
 McCoy was a much better baby Jesus!

Watching all the little kids act out the story was so touching.  It's exactly what I wanted Christmas Eve to be like!

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