Monday, August 4, 2014

56 reasons we loved our trip to Utah

We went to Utah to visit my family, the middle of June for two weeks.  (Bart only got to stay there with us for a week, then he had to go home and back to work).  We had a blast!  Here are the 56 reasons we loved our trip: 

#1.  Flying in an airplane is always a blast!  (Buying 5 planes tickets on the other hand...)
#2.  Sleeping anywhere because you are two.
#3. Meeting our new nephew/cousin: Jack!
#4. Spending time with all these cute guys-all dressed in blue!
#5. Being surrounded by the beautiful mountains.
#6. Croquet with grandma

#7. Going to the theater to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 in 3D.
#8. Eating at Cafe Rio (multiple times!)
#9.  Bart looks pretty good with a tiny baby in his arms, don't you think?

#10.  Eating amazingly delicious food from food trucks. More than once!

This grilled cheese sandwich had sweet pulled pork and green apples.  It was to die for!

#11.  Selfies with my man.  It was so good to spend some quality time together reminiscing about all the memories we made living in Utah together.
#12.Visiting my grandparents.  This is always a special time whenever I get the chance to go back home.  
#13. Spending time on BYU campus.  So. Many. Memories!

#14. Grandpa's office on campus means videos, Disney/Pixar toys and fun!

#15. Checking out the newly-remodeled Bean Museum.  Elephants, giraffes, and zebras are awesome!
#16. Walking around the Bean Museum with bare feet, because your new shoes gave you blisters makes things just a little more exciting when you are two!
#17. Playing with Grandpa.  My dad gets the kids laughing so hard whenever we are together. He uses all the cheesy jokes, funny games, and tickling holds that I remember from when I was little! All three of the boys adore him.
#18. Spending the day in Park City.  We first went to the Utah Olympic Park and had some fun there.

#19. Riding the alpine slide!  
All three boys got to ride it, and of course they all loved it!
#20. Ice cream at the Dairy Keen in Heber!

#21.  Sleeping in the car on the way home from Park City.  I have to admit that I was a bit jealous of this little guy and wished that it was me sleeping in the car!
#22. Taking Grandpa to the Moose Store, aka Cabela's.  Krew loves to go to the moose store by our house, and when I told him that there was one by Grandpa's house, he could hardly stand it!  He talked about taking Grandpa there for weeks before our trip.  
#23. Snuggling and selfies with baby Jack.  I just love having a new nephew!

#24. Starting my third trimester of this pregnancy!
#25. Going to a fly-in for remote control airplanes and helicopters.  My dad has recently picked up this new hobby, and what little boy doesn't want to see lots of little planes doing tricks?

#26. Going to the car races!  This is by far the most redneck thing I do, and have done since I was a little girl.  I love it every time!

#27. Being at the races with this hottie!  I took him to his first races when we were dating, and he married me anyway!

#28. Hiking to Timpanogos Cave!
Bart and Krew were hiking buddies the entire trip.
#29. These amazing views from our hike.

#30.  Spending the day with my little family recreating memories that I have from my childhood.

#31.  At seven months pregnant, I made it to the cave!  I was pretty proud of myself for making it.  It's not an easy hike, climbing 1092 feet in elevation over 1 1/2 miles.  I know I couldn't have done it during any other pregnancy, but I did it!

#32. Spending time with my bestie from high school and her cute family!  There are always lots of people we want to see when we visit Utah, and never enough time.  But, I was happy to be able to visit with Summer and reconnect.
#33. Running through the sprinklers!

#34. Going to the new Children's Museum with Grandma, Grandpa, and uncle Daniel

Okay, this place is amazing!  It was so crowded because it's so new, but I was impressed with every exhibit.  It is by far the best children's museum we have been too.  Everything was so high quality, and educational, and fun, and huge. I could go on...

#35. This water exhibit at the museum.  Krew asks all the time if we can go back and play with this.  (I think maybe his concept of how far away Utah is from here is off).

#36. Catching water balls with Grandpa.  Krew loved this!  I think this kid likes playing in water.
#37. Krispie Kreme!
#38.  Playing on the water blob grandma made.  If you don't know what this is, you need to spend some time on Pinterest.
#39.  Coloring on, and eating marshmallows.
#40.  Playing "Skittles."  I think this game made up 87% of Family Home Evening activities growing up.  My boys loved it!
#41.  Eating mac & cheese for breakfast because Grandma will make it for you.
#42. Drinking from the lion drinking fountain at the zoo!

#43. This otter statue at the zoo.  Krew thought it was the greatest thing ever.

#44. In-N-Out Burger!
#45. Snuggling with my Krewbie because his sleep schedule was so off, that he actually fell asleep somewhere other than his bed or his carseat.
#46. Watching Krew's fascination with baby Jack.
#47. Girls' Day Out!  My mom and sister-in-law, Katherine, took me shopping for baby girl clothes and out to lunch at Zupas.  It was such a fun day!  I wish I lived closer because I need more girl's shopping and lunching days.
#48.  Cookies and snow cone from The Slurp.  I so wish there was a cute place like this where I live. It was the perfect place to stop and get a small treat.  And it was delicious.
#49.  Even more of Krew and baby Jack.
#50.  Working with my mom to make a blessing dress for Baby "Boots" out of fabric left over from my wedding dress!
#51.  Awesome baby bump shadow pics in the setting sun!
#52. Three cute boys in new BYU shirts.
#53. The dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.

#54. Pretending you're about to be eaten by a massive shark.
#55. Tinfoil dinners in the canyon!

#56. Flying home, excited to see Daddy, because we've been apart for a whole week, and it feels like an eternity!
As you can see, it was a great trip, and we can't wait until we get to do it again!


Rachel Murray said...

Wow!! Awesome trip. It makes me want to plan a trip to Utah right now.

Summmack said...

Miss you, COME BACK!