Monday, August 4, 2014

a little bit more "krew and mom" time

Sometime in May it hit me that I only had a bit more time just me and Krew before the baby came.  I mean, I knew that once the baby came, things would change, but I failed to consider the fact that with the twins being out of school for the summer, and the baby due very shortly after they go back, that our one-on-one time was seriously limited.  Since there are 6 years between the twins and Krew, except during the summers, Krew has had me all to himself for most of the time.  And I've had Krew all to myself.  I'm so excited for this baby to come, but I know I am going to miss these sweet moments.
So, we've been making the most of the last few times we have just the two of us.

Words cannot express how much love I have for this little guy.  He brings so much joy into our family.  He was well worth the long wait it took to get him here!!

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