Monday, September 1, 2014

random august fun!

Trying to entertain 3 kids in the summertime, during the last month of pregnancy was something I was dreading.  But it ended up being much easier than I thought, mostly because my kids are awesome.  Most days we had one fun activity, sometimes it was a not-so-fun trip to the store, and the rest of the day they were left to entertain themselves because I was too worn out from the one activity/errand.  Here are just a few of the things we did:
Free lunch at the park is always a hit!
One day we had to go grocery shopping, and this funny cow car was in the parking lot.  There was also an interactive dairy exhibit we got to check out.

NO cavities at the dentist!!!!
This was Krew's last night in the nursery.  The next day he got to move into the big boys' room to make room for baby sister.  So far, three kids in the same room has gone fairly well.
New parks always make us smile!
There was also a trip to the county fair...

Where the boys got to pet lots of animals...

Krew was big enough to try some new rides this year!

And all the boys got to ride on ponies.  

And Krew liked to play with the costumes.  So much so, that I would put one on him, and 30 seconds later he would get so excited about another costume, that he would insist I change him, only to repeat this about 5 times, get sick of changing costumes, and that would be the end of dressing up.  Maybe someday he will want to wear a costume and play in it for a while!
Then, one day we went to the railroad museum, and even thought the twins were not excited about it, they had fun, having fun with Krew, who loved it!

August is now over, and that means it's back to school time, and new baby time!!  Hooray for September!

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