Saturday, January 24, 2015

christmas 2014

Christmas as a mom is so completely magical!  Here are some highlights from Christmas this year:
Sitting on Santa's lap!  Krew was a bit hesitant to sit on his lap, but you would never know by looking at this picture.  He had been telling me for weeks that he was going to ask Santa for "a train that doesn't stop," but right before he saw Santa, Ky told Krew that there were remote control Hexbugs.  So, when Santa asked what he wanted this year, Krew said, "I want a remote control Hexbug, but I don't know what they are."  Silly boy!
Ky told Santa that he wasn't sure what to ask for yet, and that he would have to get back to him with his wish list later.  He later decided to ask Santa for the 7th Harry Potter book.
Kade asked Santa for the Captain America figure for Disney Infinity 2.0.  He has known that this is what he was going to ask for for months, and he didn't hesitate.
The Sunday before Christmas, Everly got all dressed up in red and green, we styled her hair curly, thought she looked like a Christmas present, so we added a bow!

Christmas Eve was spent at our friends' house, eating a delicious dinner, 

a yummy cake,
and watching the kids act out the Nativity.  It was one of the most perfect Christmas Eve Nativity pageants ever!  The kids all looked so cute, and my friend Brittany played Christmas hymns on her guitar while we all sang along.  
Joseph pulling Mary on the "donkey" was a highlight for sure!
Everly got to play baby Jesus, and look how sweet "Mary" is with the baby.  It brought tears to my eyes!

When we got home that evening, it was time for the traditional "open one present on Christmas Eve, and I wonder if it's going to be pajamas again" moment.  

It was pajamas, and I think the twins liked theirs!

My cute kids in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

What else could I possibly have asked for when I had this under the tree?
Christmas morning with kids is crazy, loud, joyful, and magical.   

(No, Bart didn't get a KitchenAid)

“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly."  ~Andy Rooney

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