Wednesday, July 29, 2015

she's ten months!

Everly is seriously growing up right before our eyes.  On the one hand, I love seeing her growing and changing and learning new things every day.  Each time she learns a new trick feels like cause for celebration.  Yet, sometimes I look at her and wonder how in the world she changed from a tiny, newborn baby, into a miniature person overnight!

She really is a tiny, petite little thing.  At ten months old, she is still wearing size 6 months clothes, and lots of those are baggy on her.  A week before she turned 10 months old, she weighed just 15 pounds at her checkup, putting her in the 4th percentile.

She can't decide if she wants to be the type of baby who sleeps through the night, or be the type of baby who misses her mama so much in the middle of the night that she just wants to snuggle.  Half the time she is one type, and half the time she is the other.  And I'll take her either way!
One of her favorite things is standing all be herself.  When she does so, she looks around to make sure that everyone is watching her and witnessing her amazing, new talent.  She's pretty darn proud of herself!

We certainly have a little explorer on our hands as she spends her days getting into cupboards, crawling everywhere, and always trying to be where she's not supposed to be.  It doesn't even bother her anymore to crawl in the itchy grass, or on the scratchy concrete, she just wants to be exploring!

Her little personality is starting to shine through more and more all the time.  I get so excited for what it's going to be like to hear her talk and explain what's going on in that cute little head of hers!

Happy 10 months, Every Boots!  We sure love you tons and bunches!

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