Thursday, July 23, 2015

the rest of our trip

Friday morning, we said goodbye to my parents as they began their trip back home to Utah.  We decided to take our time getting home, and spend a night in Madison.  On the way, we drove through the little town in Iowa that Bart grew up in.  He loved telling the kids all about places he used to go when he was little.  It was fun taking a walk (drive) down memory lane with him!
 This cute house that Bart and the boys are standing in front of is the house he grew up in!
 Saturday we took the kids to the zoo in Madison.  I think Everly enjoyed it the most out of everyone.  She was fascinated by all the animals and loved point at them and making her cute "psh" noises!
 We couldn't stop laughing about Everly feeding the goats.  The first piece of goat food went right to the goat, but the next piece that Bart put in her hand, she gripped tightly and wouldn't let go.  She was not about to let that mean goat eat another one of her snacks!  Luckily we got it out of her hand before she discovered how yucky goat food is.

 No trip would be complete without a dip in the hotel pool, and while Everly didn't enjoy the cold water very much, she did enjoy looking adorable in her bathing suit!
 And completely unrelated to our trip, but when you are nine months old and your hair all fits in a ponytail, it's kinda a big deal, right?!

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