Thursday, July 2, 2015

let's build a new house!

I realize that this might not be news to many of you, but a few months ago, we decided to build a new house!

It's quite a long story to tell how we went from saying that we were never going to buy another house in this area, to deciding that we have to buy another house here because we have seriously outgrown this house (think: three boys sharing one room, and sharing the worlds' smallest bathroom), to deciding to build a brand new house.  After Bart experienced the joy that is putting in an entire yard when we moved into our current home, we swore we would never build or buy a brand new house again.  But breaking those types of promises seems to be a recurring theme in our 12 years of marriage, so here we go again! 
 One of the best things about building a house, it getting to see it as it's being built, and watching it change each week.  It's so fun to go there, not knowing what things have been installed or built that week, and being surprised when we walk in.  I think it's fun for the boys to see it like this too.
 These pictures were taken nearly two months ago, so it already looks nothing like it did in these photos.
 This is Everly and me in her new room.  Fancy isn't it?
 It's kinda hard to tell, but the boys are standing at the bottom of the stairs that go to the upper level here.  I can see us taking lots of pictures of them on this landing over the next few years.  It will be a perfect spot to take Christmas morning, pajama photos before we open presents, and things like that.
 I know this little guy is going to be sorely disappointed when we move in and they have flattened out this mound of dirt, because right now, I think it's his favorite thing about the new house!
 Our first family picture in front of our new house!
 A few weeks after those last pictures were taken, the house had walls, and looked completely transformed!

 We had the boys write their names on the floor of their new rooms in order to help them get excited about the transition.  The older boys aren't quite sure they like the idea of moving.  They are scared and sad to leave their friends and their school.  I really think they are going to love their new school, and make lots of friends there, and in the new neighborhood.  But, I can also understand their fears and worries.
 And poor Krew.  I don't think he understands what is going on.  He's having a hard time grasping the concept of us taking all our stuff and putting it in the new house (especially considering the new house doesn't really look like a place to live yet).  We recently took a trip and listed our current house for sale, and when we were on our way home, I could sense that he honestly had no idea where "home" was.  He even said, "Wait, don't I live in a hotel?"  Poor kid is completely confused!  Hopefully once we are all moved he will love it.  Plus, he'll get to have his own room again!
It's such an exciting, busy, stressful time, but we are looking forward to all the memories we will make here together as a family!

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