Monday, September 14, 2015

first day of school: fourth grade edition

September 1st, the twins started 4th grade.  Not only is it a new school year, but they started at a new school where they knew virtually no one.  One of the reasons we moved this summer was so that our kids could go to a better school. Even though we know their new school is better, it's still hard to start at a new school, and be the new kids, and not know anyone, and not be with their old friends anymore. 
They started getting pretty nervous the few weeks leading up to the big day.  The week before, we got to go and tour the school and meet their new teacher.  They came away from that feeling a lot better about things.  Plus, since they are lucky enough to be twins, they have each other even if they don't know anyone else.
Krew misses having his brothers around.  All summer, he followed them around and played whatever they were playing.  Most of the time he thinks he's a nine year-old too.  Now that school has been in session for a few weeks, I can honestly say that I like the way Krew acts when he's acting his age, instead of when he's trying to be a big boy.  Three years old fits him better right now.  He does still miss his brothers, though.
So far, the verdict from the twins is that the school is awesome, they are making lots of new friends, and they are excited for all the things they'll get to do at school this year.  They have already signed up to join the school orchestra (crazy!) and they come home at the end of the day happy.  After they had been in school for a week, we had an evening meeting at the school.  Every time they spotted one of their classmates, they would call out to them so they could say hi!  I'm not sure if, after only a week at a new school, I would have said hello to a classmate standing right next to me, and they have the confidence to yell across the room to someone they barely know to say hi!  I admire their confidence and friendly personalities so much!

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