Wednesday, September 23, 2015

she's twelve months old!

Twelve months.  One year.  One full rotation around the sun.  That's how long I've been able to snuggle this sweet baby girl and kiss her sweet cheeks.  It always amazes me how much my babies change in the first year, and it's a shame that I always have to spend the baby's first year completely exhausted, otherwise I think I would be able to remember more about each stage.
I do remember however, how much magic and joy this tiny person has brought our whole family these past twelve months. We are all completely smitten by our tiny princess!
At the twelve month mark, Everly has 5 teeth (which, as evidenced by the above picture, she loves to brush).  Plus, she's got 3 more that are going to be popping through any day now.
She has yet to utter her first word (we might all explode from anticipation of that), but she gives a good head nod, has perfected "milk" and "please" in sign language, and can understand so much of what we say.  The other day, I asked if she wanted to go outside.  She immediately pushed herself off my lap, walked over to her shoe basket, brought me her shoes, sat down for me to put them on her feet, and then walked over to the back door so that we could go out.  She's practically a genius!
Speaking of shoes, this little girl is obsessed!  (I wonder where she gets that trait from!)  She loves to pull the shoes out of everyone's shoe bins, tries to put on my shoes, and daddy's shoes, and her brothers shoes, and then flops around the house with them on.  She loves to bring me my shoes, and even in a bin full of several pairs, she always brings me a matching pair.  On more than one occasion, she has become upset because she tries to play with someone's shoes, while they are still wearing them, and can't understand why we won't let her.  One of the biggest tantrums she has ever thrown was in the middle of Target because we walked past the shoe section and didn't stop to play!  I see a lot of shoe shopping with this little girl in our future, and I could not be more thrilled!

Peek-a-boo is still her favorite game, and she will try to play it with just about anyone who will look at her.
Ever since she could crawl, she has always loved to dance when any music comes on.  She will bop up and down, and shake her booty, clap her hands and squeal to everything from Taylor Swift, to Disney music, to the hymns at church.  I can. not. wait. until I get to take her to her first dance class.  My heart might just burst at that point.

Everly is still the happiest little girl, and she still smiles all the time.  But her sad, frustrated, hurt faces are so entertaining.  Unless she is full-on crying, she just makes these funny scrunchy faces and I love them almost as much as I love her huge, dimpled smile.
She took her first real steps on August 15th, just after she turned 11 months old, and within a week or two, she had moved on to walking exclusively.  It's amazing how quickly she went from not taking any steps, to practically running.  So of course, she's happy now that she can get around so quickly and play like her brothers, but it also means she can get into trouble or make a mess in the blink of an eye.

These two are still the best of friends!  I know I've said it before, but watching them together is like watching Love in action!

Clearly this photo wasn't taken the same time as the others, although it was taken earlier the same day.  I just had to include it because I feel like she looks completely different when she has her hair pulled all back versus just pulling back her bangs.  It is starting to lighten up around the front, but it's still the most gorgeous, brown, curly hair that I have ever seen.  And on a 12 month old too!
Happy birthday, baby girl!

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