Tuesday, January 3, 2017

saying good-bye to grandpa

On November 22nd, my Grandpa Joseph Adams passed away.  Everly and I were able to go to Utah the next week to attend his funeral and celebrate him and his life.
 The above pictures are some that I found of grandpa with my kids.  I love the first one of him laughing while holding Krew,  and he's holding baby Ky in the second picture.  The bottom two are from this past summer when we were in Utah.  We had a chance to visit with him for the last time.  He didn't know who we were, but he still wanted to give long, sweet hugs to all of my children.  These pictures will always be a treasure.
 Sorry for the poor quality, but this is a picture of a picture I found at my parents' house.  That's my grandpa and grandma on the right, and who is that adorable little girl?  Oh wait, that's me!  My dad is holding me, and my mom and older brother are below me.  Such a fun picture!
 While my parents and I were setting up the display about my grandpa for the funeral, I decided to try on my grandpa's fedora.
 The whole service was lovely.  It was neat to hear my dad talk about some of his memories of his dad, as well as talk about his character.  

 After the prayer was offered at the grave site, my grandma took the microphone and said just one thing.  She said, "As Joe used to say, 'Come again when you can't stay so long.'"  It was perfect, because I remember my grandpa saying that, a lot, and it was the perfect example of his sense of humor.

Everly playing with her uncles
My three brothers, myself and my mom (oh, and Everly and Jack too!).  My favorite thing about being there for the funeral was spending time with family.  I was able to see and visit with so many cousins that I hadn't seen for years.  What an incredible legacy my grandfather has!
We love you grandpa!  We will miss you, until we meet again!

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