Saturday, June 21, 2008

...and we're off!

Well, the POD is just about loaded and after we do some last minute packing and cleaning, we'll be off. (And no, that's not free advertising for PODS. So far working with them has been a small nightmare. I can only hope our belongings arrive unbroken.)
Then, we are off to Gainesville for Bart's graduation from P.A. school (hurray Bart!!!)
Then we have a loooong drive to Wisconsin. I'm a little nervous about how that's going to go with two two-year-olds, but the toys and treats are packed in the car, so I'm as prepared as I think I can be.
Good-bye Tampa! We are going to miss you!


megdaines said...

Happy Trails!

Jessica said...

Congrats Bart! That is so exciting. Good luck on the road-trip. Ashli, I know you are a great mom so I'm sure it have it all under control.

Whitney said...

Bart (and Ashli!), congrats on the graduation!! What a relief! That seemed to go by so fast, although it probably doesn't seem that way for you :)


Natalie said...

What a fun adventure school has been! Thanks for sharing it with us! Congrats to all of you for accomplishing great things, and good luck with your new adventure!

Kaley and John said...

Congrats guys! We wish we were done with school. Good luck with the move :)


Joseph A said...

Congrats you two (you four)!

I just had to comment about PODS. We used them for our last move thinking it would be so convenient...let's just say it wasn't.

I don't know what issues you had with them, but it seemed to us that in order for it to be convenient, we would have had to be completely inflexible once we made our plans with them. In a perfect world that would be great, but we're not the perfectest of planners.

Our stuff made it out ok, though. Good luck with everything!

Sarah H said...

Cool! Looking forward to hear about you guys getting settled. That would be great if we could get together sometime!