Thursday, June 12, 2008

ice cream party

Last week, we had the kids from our Primary class come over for an ice cream party. We had 10 kids between the ages of 9-11 in our little apartment, and had a great time. We ate ice cream with lots of toppings, played charades, a blind-folded cottonball game, and watched the music videos that Bart made of the boys when they were really little. We are going to miss teaching these wonderful kids. They are so smart, and so spiritual. They know so much about the scriptures, that I'm not sure they learned any more from us.

Kade and Ky had so much fun with them over, that they keep asking when we are going to have another ice cream party, and where did everyone go.


David and Jodee said...

I'm sure your class loved you guys! Ice-cream? How could you go wrong with that??? We should get together when you guys move up here.

Sara said...

Many thanks to the Marvelous Millers for teaching such a BIG class and doing such a GREAT job! Matthew loved being with you and our family is so glad we crossed paths with you in FL. Best wishes to Bart in his career development and to your family as you move to WI. Happy, happy graduation, too! Love, the Davises